Where to Get Scaffolding in Surrey

Have you been searching far and wide for where to get scaffolding in Surrey? Well, you can end your hunt today as NJS Scaffolding is here to help. We have a team of experienced professionals that offer a range of expert services, helping you complete your project safely and effectively. For more information about what we can do for you, give us a call on 01243 545548.

Reliable Surrey Scaffolding Services

For all of our clients, it is important that they receive a comprehensive service that covers every aspect. When you turn to NJS Scaffolding, you will be offered a scaffolding contract service. Surrey clients will be able to strike a long-term arrangement with our company if they wish to do so. This will then give you peace of mind knowing that you always have a reliable outlet to turn to for your projects.

If you are wondering where to get scaffolding in Surrey for specific industries, then look no further. We cater to three main sectors, of which we have outlined below.

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    Residential Scaffolding

    Our Surrey scaffolding services are widely used for residential projects, such as home extensions, loft conversions, or re-roofing. In order to gain safe entry to all of the relevant levels to the property, scaffolding is essential. Our team will erect the scaffolding to assist in your building project, and rest assured that safety advice will be provided.

    Keep in mind that when you secure our scaffolding contract service, Surrey clients, our team will take care of every aspect. We will deliver, erect, and dismantle all of the equipment in a swift and safe manner within the agreed timeframe.

    Commercial Scaffolding

    Are you looking for a company that provides scaffolding for a range of blue chip organisations? Do you require scaffolding for a project on your small business site? Well, regardless of the size of your company, we should be your go-to for commercial scaffolding. On-site managers and co-ordinators will be on hand to assist large-scale projects.

    NJS Scaffolding should be your first choice if you’re searching for where to get scaffolding in Surrey, but we do so much more than simply supply. Every step of our process is thorough, and it is worth noting that our company is CITB registered and is fully insured.

    Specialist Scaffolding

    While domestic and commercial scaffolding makes up a large portion of our business, our Surrey scaffolding services can also take on specialist projects. Our professionals can design, install, and maintain a range of scaffolding. In fact, some of the systems and products we provide include the following:

    • Scaffold Abseiling Towers
    • Bird Cage Scaffolding
    • Site Protection
    • HAKI Staircases
    • Lift Shaft Scaffolds
    • And More!

    Looking for Where to Get Scaffolding in Surrey? You Have Come to the Right Place

    NJS Scaffolding is a faction of the larger NJS Group, which also consists of brickwork and roofing services. We take great pride in our thorough and detailed approach to any project we get enlisted for. Our scaffolding contract service, Surrey clients, is a great option if you are looking for a regular and reliable service.

    As mentioned, we cater to many different industries and we always put safety first. You can rest assured that when you come across us during your search for where to get scaffolding in Surrey, you won’t be disappointed. We take plenty of stress off your shoulders by handling the delivery, erection, and dismantling aspects of the job.

    Due to the expertise among our workforce, every process is carried out first time, so you will not be left waiting around. For those of you looking for where to get scaffolding in Surrey, then get in touch for a quote. We can arrange a site visit or you can send us your drawings or details regarding your requirements.

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    If you would like more information on where to get scaffolding in Surrey, give us a call on 01243 545548. Alternatively, send an email to info@njsgroup.co.uk or contact us by filling in our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.