Scaffolding Portsmouth

Scaffolding Portsmouth

Are you looking for the best scaffolding Portsmouth has to offer? For all of your domestic, commercial, and industrial scaffolding needs, N.J.S Scaffolding is the one you need to call. We have a team of highly trained scaffolders who can make sure your construction project can be completed safely and professionally.

Our Portsmouth scaffolding services  Scaffolding Portsmouth

Depending on the scale of your construction project, you may require a specific scaffolding service however, at N.J.S Scaffolding, there is no job too big or small. As part of our comprehensive service, we design bespoke scaffolding in Portsmouth for domestic, commercial, and specialist clients. We will then supply erect the necessary equipment, as well as dismantling and taking away all apparatus afterwards.

Domestic scaffolding

Are you planning to convert your loft or build an extension on your home in Portsmouth? Do not start any construction work without consulting N.J.S Group first. We can provide a tailor-made scaffolding Portsmouth structure to support both your building and the labourers during the process. Our domestic scaffolding services are also popular among clients who are planning a roof refurbishment, gutter replacement, or other work at significant heights. From start to finish, the safety of your family and those involved in the construction will be our priority.

Commercial scaffolding

If you are planning to expand or renovate your commercial property, then look no further than our Portsmouth scaffolding company. We will provide a frame that allows easy access to great heights and areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Our commercial scaffolding service will also provide strong platforms that offer steady footing and extra workspace for construction tools and materials. On every commercial contract, we carry out regular inspections to check that the structure is completely secure and safe to use at all times.

Specialist scaffolding

Do you have a particularly complex building project planned? Don’t worry, our specialist scaffolding in Portsmouth is exactly what you need. We have a wealth of experience in designing and construction the scaffolding for multiple specialist contracts from churches to race track arenas and other large premises. All scaffolding work is completed by our own members of staff to ensure that it meets the high standards our Portsmouth clients expect. We always keep up-to-date with the latest specialist scaffolding certificates and qualifications.

A N.J.S Group, we have a large stock of equipment for scaffolding in Portsmouth which is suitable for contracts of all scales. All equipment we use is modern and kept in excellent condition by our members of staff to ensure it meets the British Standards. Our wide range of state-of-the-art Portsmouth scaffolding apparatus includes:

  • Galvanised tubes
  • Aluminium unit beams
  • Ladders
  • Grade A scaffolding boards
  • Chutes, cradles and hoists
  • System scaffolds

Why choose our scaffolding in Portsmouth?

When you choose our scaffolding in Portsmouth, you will experience many benefits that other companies may not offer. Firstly, we ensure that all of our scaffolding work is fully compliant with the latest Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations. As such, we carry out thorough risks assessments before erecting any equipment in order to minimise the chance of accidents during construction.

Secondly, you have the peace of mind that all Portsmouth scaffolding is designed, assembled, and taken down by our fully qualified members of staff. We have the knowledge and experience needed to take on scaffolding projects of all sizes, and will make sure that it is ready to use in good time. Once your building or renovation work is complete, our team will take down all apparatus and make certain that your site is clear of all equipment.

We know that, when choosing a scaffolding Portsmouth service, you want a company that will meet your budget. At N.J.S Group, we charge the most competitive prices, so you can guarantee excellent value for money. Furthermore, we will work to your specific timescale and tailor our scaffolding in Portsmouth to suit any specific requirements you may have.

Our Portsmouth scaffolding team will be on hand at every stage to offer their expert advice if you have any questions during your contract. You can expect a superb customer service from our friendly and professional scaffolders who will treat you and your property with utmost respect.

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