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Are you searching for affordable scaffolding services? If so, give NJS Scaffolding a call now on 01243 545 548 and discover why we are trusted by so many to supply Brighton scaffolding that is second-to-none. Whatever your project requirements, we will work tirelessly to devise scaffolding solutions that are well-suited. We’re confident that you won’t find more affordable or effective scaffolding in Brighton.

The best choice for scaffolding Brighton has seen

So, you’re ready to finally commence that building project you’ve been putting off for the better part of six months. But wait, before you start, set aside that ladder and give NJS Scaffolding a call as we supply Brighton scaffolding that is by far the safer option. With scaffolding designed to your exacting specifications, you’ll have a sturdy and reliable platform that will provide you with access even to those hard-to-reach areas.

Whereas a ladder can easily slip out from underneath you, leading to serious injury or worse, our scaffolding Brighton solutions are 100% safe and secure. All scaffolding erections are designed and assembled by our skilled and attentive team so you can commence work safe in the knowledge that your safety is covered.

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    How do we assist with your scaffolding in Brighton?

    Our Brighton scaffolding services are available to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. At N.J.S. Scaffolding, we recognise that no two client specifications are the same which is why we work closely with you to establish your exact requirements. You can learn more about each of our services by reading below:


    Whether you’re planning an extension of your home or looking to address the shoddy condition of your fascias and soffits, you need our domestic scaffolding Brighton services. By selecting our company, we will supply you with detailed safety advice as well as a complete survey and quotation service. If you are happy with our fee, we will deliver and erect the scaffolding on your property in strict compliance with health and safety.

    In the process of creating a safe and stable working environment, our Brighton scaffolding professionals will provide you with a range of features that include:

    • Aluminium Unit Beams
    • Chutes, Cradles, Hoists, and Alarms
    • Galvanised Tubes (to British Standard)
    • Ladders
    • Scaffolding Boards (Grade A)
    • System Scaffolds
    • Various Fittings (to British Standard)

    We boast the most competitive prices around, so you will never pay over the odds for your domestic scaffolding in Brighton.


    At N.J.S. Scaffolding, we also cater to commercial clients from blue chip companies and small businesses to large organisations. All clients will receive the utmost professionalism, whether they wish to expand or repair their premises. Prior to installing your scaffolding, we will consult with all relevant parties and create a detailed plan. This way we ensure that your Brighton scaffolding is delivered in accordance with your budget and that any unnecessary delays are avoided.

    Regardless of the size or shape of your building, you will receive the most exceptional scaffolding Brighton has to offer. We never use sub-contractors for any of our work which ensures that high standards are maintained from start-to-finish. Plus, NJS Scaffolding will carry out regular site surveys for your added safety. For large-scale Brighton scaffolding projects, we supply on-site managers and scaffolding coordinators to ensure compliance with health and safety.

    We recognise that scaffolding can present a sizeable inconvenience to your employees and customers. Once your project is completed, we will make certain that all scaffolding is dismantled quickly and efficiently.


    Boasting unparalleled levels of service, our team provide specialist scaffolding in Brighton that is ideally suited to a whole host of purposes. We cater to domestic, commercial and even industrial buildings with specialist access solutions that are perfect for properties where factors restrict traditional scaffolding.

    With a focus on end user practicalities, we custom design, install and maintain a wide selection of specialist scaffolding solutions such as:

    • Temporary Roofs/ HAKITEC Temporary Roofs
    • Bird Cage Scaffolding
    • HAKI Staircases
    • Confined Space Scaffolding
    • Edge Protection Scaffolding
    From carrying out work on the interior of a property to protecting said interior from the weather, NJS Scaffolding has the scaffolding Brighton solution for you.
    If you have any questions about our scaffolding in Brighton, do not hesitate to speak with our team now as we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 01243 545 548.

    Reasons to choose our Brighton scaffolding company

    If you’re looking for reasons to choose NJS Scaffolding, then be sure to read on. As a company, we believe that every project can be completed safely and on time regardless of size or complexity. For many years, we have delivered high-quality scaffolding Brighton services at prices that are both competitive and affordable.

    We also provide a fast service, so you have the confidence of knowing that your home or business won’t remain a building site for long. As a company, we are driven by safety as well as our hard-earned reputation for being both polite and considerate. Our team will pay you and your property the utmost respect, and we will never act without your approval.

    Thanks to our fully trained and certified team, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive Brighton scaffolding service from the initial concept through to erection and collection. Plus, for your added peace of mind, our company is fully insured, and CITB registered. So, for the best scaffolding in Brighton, look no further than N.J.S. Scaffolding.


    Request our Brighton scaffolding services today by calling NJS Scaffolding on 01243 545 548.